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Timing Belt Conveyors

Dual-Line Conveyors for Cycled Transport

Timing belt conveyors are ideal for the cycled transport of workpiece carriers or product with a rigid structure. Available with different drive variants and as a single, dual or multiple line conveyor, they are often used to construct complex interlinking solutions.


The dual-line solution is frequently used for transporting workpiece carriers. In such applications, timing belt conveyors are used when high speeds and accelerations are required.Chain conveyors and accumulating roller chain conveyors are used for high loads.

Technical Data:

  • Widths: 40–1000 mm
  • Lengths: 500–6000 mm
  • Total load: typically up to 250 kg
  • Speed: up to 60 m/min
  • Options: single line or multiple line

*Other values available on request

Our range of different timing belt materials allows you to find the optimal grip for the workpieces in your specific application. Options include aluminium timing belt pulleys, anodised timing belt pulleys and stainless steel timing belt pulleys (for reducing wear while improving corrosion resistance).


Features of mk Timing Belt Conveyors

  • Ideal for the cycled transport of workpiece carriers or product with a rigid structure
  • Positive connection between the drive pulley and the timing belt ensures exact positioning and synchronisation of the lines
  • Various coatings on the surface of the timing belt ensure optimal gripping of the workpiece for your specific application
  • High speeds and accelerations possible with quiet and smooth operation
  • Suitable for cycling operation
  • Low friction coefficient and excellent wear characteristics
  • Timing belt recirculates inside the profiles to minimize the risk of accidents
  • Suitable workpiece carriers, lift-and-transfer modules, stoppers, positioning units, rotating units and control components available
  • System slots (10 mm slot width) for attaching stands, side rails and stoppers
  • This system serves as a basis for constructing complex workpiece carrier transfer systems