ZRF-P 2010 Timing Belt Conveyor

Conveyor system with a timing belt for transporting workpiece carriers and rigid products.

  • Precise
  • Fast
  • Sturdy

Technical specifications

Type of goods Boxes, crates, pallets, workpiece carriers
Type of ways Straight & incline up to 20°
Length individual 500-6000 mm
Width 200 to 1000 mm
Speed up to 60 m/min
Maximum load up to 250 kg
Drive belt width32 mm
Drive versionsAA, AC, AF, AS, BC, BF
Belt body profilemk 2010

Features of the ZRF-P 2010

  • Double line and multiple line conveyor for transporting workpiece carriers and rigid products.
  • Ideally suited for cycling operation, up to 250 kg
  • Timing belt recirculates inside the profiles to produce a compact design
  • Various belt coatings for optimal gripping of the workpiece
  • Wide range of different drive options

Product Description

The ZRF-P 2010 timing belt conveyor is ideally suited for use as a dual line system for transporting heavy workpiece carriers and product with a rigid structure. The positive connection between the drive pulley and the timing belt ensures that the two conveyor lines are synchronised, making the system ideally suited for cycling operation. Various coatings on the surface of the timing belt ensure optimal gripping of the workpiece for your specific application. Combined with the wide range of different drive options, this makes the system the perfect basis for constructing complex interlinking and automation systems.

A further features of this conveyor system is the recirculation of the timing belt inside the profile frame. This provides a compact design and reduces the risk of accidents to a minimum.

The profile also offers system slots (10 mm slot width) on three sides for connection stands, side rails, sensors and stoppers.

Drive Variants


Wear Strips



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