Branche Kunststoffindustrie

Solutions for the Plastics Industry

Reliable Conveyor Technology for Interlinking and Production

The services provided by the plastics industry are complex and varied. The industry transformed classical plastics such as polyethylene or thermosetting plastics as well as modern composites into packaging, building materials and parts for the automotive industry. It requires fast and reliable systems as well as flexible system concepts.

Our engineers feel right at home here. For many years mk has been developing customer-focused, modular conveyor technology and automation solutions for interlink systems, production systems and handling systems for piece goods and bulk product in the plastics industry.

For applications in the plastics industry, this means:

  • Flexible automation solutions for production methods such as injection moulding, blow moulding, thermoforming and 3D printing
  • Precise and reliable product handing at high cycle rates
  • Integration of automated test processes (leak testing, etc.)
  • IT compatibility and interlink options
  • Fulfilment of cleanroom requirements (for beverage bottles, syringes, blisters, tweezers, etc.)

Solutions from mk

Experience, know-how, versatility: A large portion of our extensive conveyor technology portfolio is optimally suited for use in processing, packaging and automation tasks in the plastics industry. Solutions from mk assist all throughout the production process, from using multi-grippers to load and unload plastic parts, to feeding in insert components, all the way to automated test, labelling and packaging processes.

We work together with reliable partners to implement sophisticated cleanroom technologies as well as solutions for automated test processes, such as digital image processing for leak testing.

The modular design and flexibility of mk conveyor technology means that systems can be expanded and adapted to new production requirements and materials at any time, always quickly and at low cost. Our innovative IKLT tray transfer and handling system, for example, is ideally suited for countless different transport conditions and requirements.

Kunstrasen 01

Extremely sensitive products can be damaged simply by being placed on conveyor technology. This is true both for very light and fragile products as well as for heavy and vibration-sensitive products. A solution was needed to minimize the shock to the products when setting them down on the conveyor.

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Metallgurt 01

In the production of plastic plates, blanks are fused together in an oven to create one homogeneous plate. The vacuum oven reaches temperatures of over 100 °C and produces a chemically aggressive atmosphere due to the evaporation of the plastics. To automate the process, the manufacturer wants to…

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Drehgestell 01

A mechanical engineer in the plastics industry has to change heavy grinding wheels. A mobile turning device is required to facilitate this arduous changing process. The turning device should be designed for a maximum rotating mass of 220 kg.

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Kunststoffflaschen Zusammenführung

Customer requirement
A manufacturer of hollow plastic objects needs a cooling line for plastic bottles. The bottles are ejected from the blow moulding machine in two lines and must then be converged on a conveyor line for feeding to the subsequent cutting machine and inspection. The bottles must be…

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The client requires a fully-automated assembly line that will assemble, test, label and store multi-component sanitary fittings. The product comprises a total of 14 separate plastic parts, which have high manufacturing tolerances. In addition to this, both the plant and the control system…

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Interlinking for canister transport with a bridge 01

Problem definition
Two machining stations in a plastic canister production process need to be interlinked. The solution has to cope with inconvenient spatial constraints: Empty canisters need to be conveyed along a curve and past another machine so that they can be brought back to the original feed…

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Problem definition
In an application for producing plastic fuel tanks, the blow-moulded tanks need to be fed into a multi-level storage system, where they are allowed to cool. The cycle must take a certain amount of time so that the tanks have sufficient time to cool. The tanks also need to be…

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Schwenkbares Fördersystem 01

Problem definition
Replacement of a simple slide with a system that gently handles blow-molded parts, which in some cases are still plastiline, with automation, and transports them off. The blow-molded parts must be vertically transferred to the discharge gripper of the blow molding system.…

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Packanlage S-PACK-PAL-T von Steffes zum Sammeln, Packen und Palettieren von Hohlkörpern verschiedenster Art

To further expand its automation division, the medium-sized company Steffes Prüf- und Messtechnik GmbH decided to develop an innovative packaging system. Due to restricted space conditions, the developers planned a height-adjustable and therefore particularly compact system. Using the components and…

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