Modular assembly line for plastic fittings

The client requires a fully-automated assembly line that will assemble, test, label and store multi-component sanitary fittings. The product comprises a total of 14 separate plastic parts, which have high manufacturing tolerances. In addition to this, both the plant and the control system need to have a modular design so that they can be expanded and converted for use in other automation processes in a cost-effective manner.

mk solution
Our subsidiary, mkf, has developed an innovative, flexible solution based on the mk profile and conveyor systems. All the individual parts are separated out from bulk goods, aligned and fed to the assembly line by means of hopper conveyor belts, buffer tables and linear units. There are a total of 18 assembly and machining stations, each of which is activated by pallets on chain conveyors. These stations automatically assemble and test all the components, label them using lasers, and then finally store them in their correct positions in small load carriers. They are transported away from the plant via roller conveyors.

Due to their shape and the manufacturing process, the individual parts have high tolerances. This makes it tricky to assemble the fittings and automate the process. To resolve this problem, we have developed innovative alignment, centring and positioning units that have been adapted to handle the high tolerances of the various plastic parts. In addition to this, the underlying structure of the plant and the control system follows a modular design. This makes expansion and conversion cost-effective and allows for easy module replacement. The system can be converted to different assembly parameters for specific customers in just a few easy steps.

Benefit for the customer

  • Reliable handling for a wide range of plastic parts
  • Flexible plant concept for cost-effective expansion and conversion
  • Sturdy, reliable technology optimised to last for many years of operation



Aluminum profile series 40
Aluminum profile series 50
Chain conveyor KTF-P 2010
Workpiece carrier
Roller conveyor RBT-P 2255
Linear module LZR 2000
Hopper conveyor (Belt conveyor with cleats)
Rotary table