Branche Elektrotechnik

Solutions for Electrical Technology

Technical Perfection

Electrical technology plays a crucial role in industry by providing the basis for innovation, automation and greater efficiency in a huge number of sectors. To achieve the level of reliability required, this basis needs consistently stable processes and a high degree of precision.

For applications in the electrical technology industry, this means:

  • Automation solutions for microelectronics, laboratory equipment and electrical appliances
  • High cleanliness standards and reliable protection against electrostatic discharge (ESD)
  • Consistently precise handling of ultra-sensitive products

Solutions from mk

For manufacturers of electrical technology, it is essential that devices and systems function safely and reliably and that product quality is verified using safety and property testing. Modular system solutions from mk meet all of the industry’s requirements, from precise conveying and positioning with ESD-compliant technology, to cleanroom rack systems for storage, all the way to integration of test benches (dielectric strength, flash test). They provide flexible and targeted support for all aspects of the customer’s application.

Reinraum Lagersystem

A specialist in cleanroom intralogistics is developing a decentralised warehouse in accordance with cleanroom class ISO-5 for a customer in the electronics industry. The decentralised warehouse requires a rack system that meets the particle-reducing storage requirements.

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Electronic components to be used in the production of converter modules in ultrasonics need to be staged at a manual assembly station. The required components are held in the customer’s own pallets, which are to be removed and returned manually in the staging area.

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Trennwände Lasertechnik

In the optical industry, a manufacturer of lasers and laser-based solutions wants to subdivide its newly created ISO-6 clean room into areas with a wide variety of functions and production processes. Production enclosures are to be created for the development, manufacture, assembly and quality…

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Corona Schnelltest 01

A manufacturer of medical tests is building a machine for producing rapid coronavirus antibody tests. The machine can produce 40 tests per minute. For this purpose, the customer requires a pallet circulation system on which the tests can be assembled by robots fully automatically.

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Arbeitsplätze 01

An extraction and separation technology manufacturer that produces analysis devices is looking for a number of assembly lines to equip a new production hall. Each line is to have ten workstations each, on which the operators are to assemble and test the analysis units. The workstations…

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Staubschutzhaube 01

Problem definition
A hood for extracting dust particles is required for the production of laboratory equipment. The contour as well as the inputs and outputs are specified by the customer. The hood must be equipped with a suction nozzle for an extraction system provided by the customer. It must also…

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