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Here you will find news about latest product innovations from the mk product portfolio and interesting application examples from the profile and conveyor technology and announcements around the company. In addition, news around the social and local commitment and the sustainability of Maschinenbau Kitz are available on LinkedIn or Facebook.

Behälter-Wechselsystem 01

An automotive supplier for lighting technology and electronics requires further automation of its existing processes to keep its location competitive for the future. The customer wishes to improve the flow of materials at the injection moulding machines to allow for more efficient and flexible use…

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Maschinenschutzgitter Feldlösung 01

Protective machine guards are required for a fully automatic production line in the automotive industry. The plant is made up of several individual process sections, each of which is to be secured with its own protective fence.

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Bereitstellwagen Riesenrad 01

An automobile manufacturer wants to optimise the picking of orders in the manual spare parts warehouse. Therefore, a material trolley is required that is very compact and can hold up to 5 transport boxes.

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mk Europa Präsenz

The mk Technology Group is strengthening its structures in Europe by establishing a new location in France and expanding its location in the Netherlands. mk is growing, both regionally and as a group.

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Retrofitting-Schnellhefter NACHHER

A manufacturer of office supplies is looking to retrofit its outdated production line for cardboard folders. It wants to completely overhaul the system – in terms of both technology and appearance.

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Ausziehbare Schutzeinhausung 01

A mechanical engineer needs a protective housing for a cutting production machine. Since the machine is used to grind brake linings, the housing should reduce the level of noise in the production hall as well as the level of dirt.

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Zuverlässige Fördertechnik für RBTX

The mk Technology Group is a new addition to the igus RBTX marketplace for economical automation. The goal of mk is to support the low-cost concept and customers with simple and reliable conveyor technology.

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Sortierte Zuführung 1

For order processing, a mail order business requires a belt conveyor for picking items of clothing. The items from the individual orders, together with the shipping documents, must be fed to a manual workstation on the belt conveyor.

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Maschineneinhausung Bandwalz-Anlage 1

A protective housing is required for an 18-m long strip rolling line for the production of cold-rolled wire. The purpose of the housing is to protect the surrounding area from oil mist generated during the process, therefore it needs to be impervious. Moreover, it is to serve as a key distinguishing…

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Drehtisch Glastiegel 3

In the cosmetics industry, glass pots need to be transferred automatically to a filling station. On delivery, the pots are unpacked manually and placed on the feeding system. To avoid the workers having to continuously place individual pots on the feeding system, the pots are loaded in batches,…

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