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Here you will find news about latest product innovations from the mk product portfolio and interesting application examples from the profile and conveyor technology and announcements around the company. In addition, news around the social and local commitment and the sustainability of Maschinenbau Kitz are available on LinkedIn or Facebook.


When transporting with a vacuum belt conveyor, products are fixed to the belt conveyor by a vacuum. This means that the products can be accelerated quickly or transported vertically, overhead or alongside the conveyor.

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Ultraschnelle Produktion

As a partner in a R&D project for the AZL, mk provided valuable expertise in the automation of an ultra-fast production line for custom semi-finished products made of fibre-reinforced plastics.

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Fördertechnik Katalog

In our new, 484-page Conveyor Technology catalogue, we present our versatile and modular conveyor systems for the transport and handling of piece goods.

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Ab- und Umladestation für FTS

Feeding, storage and positioning system for the unloading and removal of large load carriers in a production plant for electric drives.

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GUF-P 2000 CA Trommelantrieb

New CA version of the GUF-P 2000 belt conveyor – now with compact and powerful drum motor for tight installation spaces

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Prüfanlage 01

An automation specialist is developing a fully automatic testing system for camshafts for a customer in the automotive industry. Since technical cleanliness must be ensured for the measurement and checking process, the system requires an enclosed housing.

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Drehgestell 01

A mechanical engineer in the plastics industry has to change heavy grinding wheels. A mobile turning device is required to facilitate this arduous changing process. The turning device should be designed for a maximum rotating mass of 220 kg.

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Gurtförderer Vakuum Offsetplatten 01

During the production of offset pressure plates, the plates need to be assembled and packaged. In the process, large plates are cut through lengthwise to produce two small plates. These plates then have to be guided to a packaging machine.

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Transfersystem Hängebahn

Our partner Quickmove, a manufacturer of overhead conveyor systems, needs a transfer station from an overhead conveyor to a manual workstation and back for a customer in the automotive industry. In this case, the overhead conveyor transports small load carriers (SLC) with a size of 600x400 mm and a…

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Versaflex schneller Transport

Round battery cells are fed into the assembly process for the production of battery packs and must be transported position-oriented to another level. The goods to be transported should flow smoothly, i.e. should be transported without a pallet, with maximum throughput and high process reliability.

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