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Here you will find news about latest product innovations from the mk product portfolio and interesting application examples from the profile and conveyor technology and announcements around the company. In addition, news around the social and local commitment and the sustainability of Maschinenbau Kitz are available on LinkedIn or Facebook.

Spiralförderer 01

In a food manufacturer's packaging line, individual boxes are packed in outer boxes and labelled. Once the boxes are sealed, they must be transferred to automatic palletising. In order to be transferred, the boxes have to be elevated to a height of approx. 3.5 m.

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Innovative Prüfanlage 01

A manufacturer of polystyrene insulation boxes, which are used worldwide, wants to keep its boxes in circulation and reuse them multiple times. To assist with this, a partner company is building testing machines in which the used boxes are checked fully automatically.

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Antennengestell 1

A manufacturer of antenna systems and radio telescopes needs a system to build substructures for control cabinets and the control cabins for these large antennas. The antennas are outdoors and are exposed to a wide range of weather conditions.

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Stapelmagazin 00

A manufacturer of office supplies has bought a new cutting machine for the production of files. The machine must be integrated into the production hall and linked to the existing conveyor technology.

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Kunstrasen 01

Extremely sensitive products can be damaged simply by being placed on conveyor technology. This is true both for very light and fragile products as well as for heavy and vibration-sensitive products. A solution was needed to minimize the shock to the products when setting them down on the conveyor.

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Montagelinie 1

The customer requires a pallet circulation system for the production of gate valves for water pipes, on which the valves can be assembled and buffered. The system then needs to transport the valves to the customer’s dipping station where they are checked for leaks.

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The headquarters of the mk Technology Group in Troisdorf became victim of a cyber attack. Our IT department is working together with external specialists on an orderly restart of the systems. We publish regular updates of the situation here.

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Reinraum Förderband

The importance of automation in cleanrooms and laboratories is constantly increasing. Manufacturers and integrators are facing the challenge of relocating automated processes to cleanrooms, which also means moving the conveyor technology they use.

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Batterie Vereinzelung 01

A manufacturer of batteries for electric vehicles joins together individual round cells to make battery modules. The manufacturer would like these round cells to be inspected fully automatically in the goods receipt area.

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AGV Timing Belt News

SEW-EURODRIVE uses automated guided vehicles as mobile workbenches, with perfectly integrated belt conveyors from mk

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