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Here you will find news about latest product innovations from the mk product portfolio and interesting application examples from the profile and conveyor technology and announcements around the company. In addition, news around the social and local commitment and the sustainability of Maschinenbau Kitz are available on LinkedIn or Facebook.

Transfersystem Hängebahn

Our partner Quickmove, a manufacturer of overhead conveyor systems, needs a transfer station from an overhead conveyor to a manual workstation and back for a customer in the automotive industry. In this case, the overhead conveyor transports small load carriers (SLC) with a size of 600x400 mm and a…

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Versaflex schneller Transport

Round battery cells are fed into the assembly process for the production of battery packs and must be transported position-oriented to another level. The goods to be transported should flow smoothly, i.e. should be transported without a pallet, with maximum throughput and high process reliability.

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Portalgestell 1

To create a beverage sorting system, a mechanical engineer needs several solid gantry frames on which X-Z-axis handling systems are mounted. By means of linear handling, full and empty beverage crates are to be sorted onto the respective lines of the system in a pick & place application.

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Sortierstrecke 1

In an automotive factory, empty small load carriers are collected and cleaned at a central point, where they are then sorted according to size, type and design. A sorting line that can hold the large quantities of small load carriers and react to the different throughputs is now required.

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Containerpodest 1

Several platforms with stairs are required at a logistics centre belonging to the German armed forces. The platforms are intended to ensure safe and easy access to overseas containers that are stacked on top of one another. They need to be used across the entire site and therefore need to be on…

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Spannverbinder S

mk is expanding its range of connecting elements with an additional tension plug designed to form strong and conductive connections between aluminium profiles with no obstructing edges.

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Transfersystem Versamove plus

Two test lines are required in the quality control department of an automotive supplier. The products should be checked just-in-sequence, i.e. in a fixed order.

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Modulbandförderer 01

A production line requires an infeed conveyor for assembly stations. The workers process the products continuously. In order to achieve the required throughput, several assembly stations are built next to each other. As a result, the belt conveyor has to be particularly long.

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Gurtförderer Autositz-Montage

An automotive supplier is building a complete new production line for assembling seats and benches. Various production steps are required, such as feeding the upholstery and assembling the seat occupancy sensor and seat heating system.

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There are currently extensive reports in the media about a potential bottleneck in the gas supply and a complete suspension of gas supplies from Russia. Opinions differ on how hard a suspension of gas supplies could hit Germany and its industry.

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