Branche Verpackungsindustrie

Solutions for the Packaging Industry

Flexible and Modular Machine Construction for Maximum Diversity of Variants

The increasing importance of packaging in the transport and storage of goods has made the packaging industry the most important actor between the manufacturer and the end consumer. Enormous demand for ever-evolving product and process innovations has made the market increasingly customer focused.

This market defines variant diversity (the range of possible variants) as a key factor in the requirements for packaging machines and systems. mk helps achieve this diversity with its one-of-a-kind range of components and modules – always flexibly and efficiently, even with small batch sizes.

For applications in the packaging industry, this means:

  • Fully automated packing of bulk product, piece goods, trays, pallets, etc.
  • Automated and precise handling of product at high cycle rates (buffering, storing, labelling, weighing, discharging, tracking, testing, etc.)
  • Optimal machine utilisation and maximum reliability in processes (24/7/365)
  • Machines and systems with high adaptability & compatibility with IT systems
  • ESD safety

Solutions from mk

Whether it’s primary, secondary or tertiary packaging, our extensive portfolio of modular components in the areas of profile, conveyor and handling technology lets you achieve virtually any packaging task. Our products can be integrated directly in the packaging machine or to connect packaging steps.

Conveyor Systems
mk conveyor systems have mastered the challenges of modern automation. We employ innovative solutions for feeding and removing product and for interlinking a wide variety of machining centres, including buffering, storage and labelling.

Our profile construction kit with more than 200 aluminium profiles lets you construct machine frames and protective device guards with unrivalled functionality and high-quality design.

The versatility of the mk system lets you change products and formats quickly and reliably, even in complex tasks. Systems can be modified or expanded by simply replacing and reusing individual modules and stations. Robust profiles and sturdy screw connections ensure absolute precision in tasks with high cycle rates and machine vibrations. The profile construction kit ensures that all products are perfectly compatible with one another.

Spiralförderer 01

In a food manufacturer's packaging line, individual boxes are packed in outer boxes and labelled. Once the boxes are sealed, they must be transferred to automatic palletising. In order to be transferred, the boxes have to be elevated to a height of approx. 3.5 m.

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Innovative Prüfanlage 01

A manufacturer of polystyrene insulation boxes, which are used worldwide, wants to keep its boxes in circulation and reuse them multiple times. To assist with this, a partner company is building testing machines in which the used boxes are checked fully automatically.

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Sortierte Zuführung 1

For order processing, a mail order business requires a belt conveyor for picking items of clothing. The items from the individual orders, together with the shipping documents, must be fed to a manual workstation on the belt conveyor.

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Vakuumförderer Kaffeekapseln 01

When coffee capsules are manufactured, they must be transported out of the filling system in such a way that they cannot tip. 16 capsules each in 2 rows are discharged by a multi-gripper on a linear axis with a cycle of 2.4 seconds. To clear the storage position, the capsules must be moved 860 mm in…

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Retourenbearbeitung 01

A belt conveyor is required for the automatic processing of returned items of clothing in the mail order business. The returned items of clothing are packed in plastic bags and must be fired out of the packaging machine with great momentum into the collection bags on an overhead conveyor system.

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Transport von Kartonagen Titel

Unfolded shoe boxes first need to be sprayed with adhesive and then folded in the next machine in a packaging plant. A conveyor must transport the cartons past the spraying units, around a curve and to the box folding machine. The system is designed to process up to 115 cartons per minute,…

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Flat top chain conveyor as interlinking for a packaging system 03

Problem definition
To position and package tubes, empty trays must be advanced to a positioning station. Tubes are loaded into the trays, which are again discharged upon completion. The loaded trays are then advanced to a packaging system.

mk Solution
A flat top chain conveyor advances the empty…

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System for filling cardboard boxes 01

Problem definition
Design and production of a box filling machine for different tube formats of the cosmetics industry. Capacity: 200 tubes/min, 4 boxes/min. Chaining of upstream filling stations and integration of the provided scale with NOK outsorting of tubes. Chaining of box erectors from…

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Beck Serienpacker SXJ HP adapta vs mit Abschweißstation zur Erzeugung von angepassten Versandbeuteln

Nowadays, packaging has to meet a variety of different requirements, from two-sided seams, to handles to being resealable. The systems for producing and handling this packaging have to be flexible enough to adapt to these different conditions. Only producers with the right mix of in-house production…

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