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Solutions for Machine and Systems Construction

High-Quality Transport Systems Starting at Batch Size 1

mk supports innovations in the machine and system construction sector, from the prototype all the way to standardised production. Our experts develop and produce custom-tailored solutions for all sorts of production and supply chain applications – wherever transfer technology needs to be perfectly integrated into your systems.

For applications in machine and system construction, this means:

  • Innovative transport systems for custom machine construction starting at batch size 1
  • Wide range of flexible modules
  • Custom-development of modules according to customer requests
  • Sophisticated machine interlinks
  • Seamless transfer technology and system integration
Antennengestell 1

A manufacturer of antenna systems and radio telescopes needs a system to build substructures for control cabinets and the control cabins for these large antennas. The antennas are outdoors and are exposed to a wide range of weather conditions.

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Montagelinie 1

The customer requires a pallet circulation system for the production of gate valves for water pipes, on which the valves can be assembled and buffered. The system then needs to transport the valves to the customer’s dipping station where they are checked for leaks.

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Behälter-Wechselsystem 01

An automotive supplier for lighting technology and electronics requires further automation of its existing processes to keep its location competitive for the future. The customer wishes to improve the flow of materials at the injection moulding machines to allow for more efficient and flexible use…

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Gurtförderer Vakuum Offsetplatten 01

During the production of offset pressure plates, the plates need to be assembled and packaged. In the process, large plates are cut through lengthwise to produce two small plates. These plates then have to be guided to a packaging machine.

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Modulbandförderer 01

A production line requires an infeed conveyor for assembly stations. The workers process the products continuously. In order to achieve the required throughput, several assembly stations are built next to each other. As a result, the belt conveyor has to be particularly long.

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Retrofitting-Schnellhefter NACHHER

A manufacturer of office supplies is looking to retrofit its outdated production line for cardboard folders. It wants to completely overhaul the system – in terms of both technology and appearance.

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Ausziehbare Schutzeinhausung 01

A mechanical engineer needs a protective housing for a cutting production machine. Since the machine is used to grind brake linings, the housing should reduce the level of noise in the production hall as well as the level of dirt.

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Maschineneinhausung Bandwalz-Anlage 1

A protective housing is required for an 18-m long strip rolling line for the production of cold-rolled wire. The purpose of the housing is to protect the surrounding area from oil mist generated during the process, therefore it needs to be impervious. Moreover, it is to serve as a key distinguishing…

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Interlinking stamped parts 01

Problem definition
In a metalworking application, round stamped parts in various formats need to be transported from one machine tool to the next. The interlink needs to bridge a slight height difference. The parts must be conveyed at 90°, then straight ahead for a section, and then at 90° again.…

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Sortiereinheit für Bücherrückgabe

A library automation system is required to give staff more time to advise and assist customers. The intention is for books, videos and CDs to be returned automatically by the customers themselves. The systems should be able to process the different media formats without any retrofitting. Media…

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