Solutions for Research and Development

From the Laboratory to Real-World Applications

We assist our partners in the field of custom machine construction with our many years of experience and engineering expertise. mk assists in research projects by universities, technical colleges, independent institutes and the German Technical Inspection Association (TÜV). We work together to improve products and increase their quality and potential as they move towards real-world application.

For the research and development sector, this means:

  • Supporting the development of custom machines starting at batch size 1
  • Transitioning from laboratory conditions to real-world application – and vice versa
  • Scaling implementations into standards

Solutions from mk

The research and development sector needs know-how, valid calculations, innovative ideas and a passion for research that translates small-scale operations into profitable dimensions. mk has a dedicated innovation team for precisely these requirements. We work with our customers to see beyond the horizon and overcome challenges on the path to practical application. We brainstorm conveyor criteria, provide feasibility studies, develop solutions for test benches and establish conditions that meet the scientific requirements of the research and development sector. On request we can develop a plan for seamlessly integrating our innovative automation solutions, complete with comprehensive service.

Intelligent software independently learns to detect, distinguish between and rate optical defects. The system described inspects small lacquered parts in a cycle. It also automates the quality assurance process in the production of small parts. The fact that the software can even see the faults is...

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System line for rhizotron screening 02

Problem definition
Planning, design, and construction of an automated system line for rhizotron screening (researching the root growth of plants). The rhizotron packages should be capable of being pivoted automatically and being removed individually for recurring photography in a darkened housing....

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Problem definition
Simulation of different ground conditions with standardized obstacles for testing baby strollers. The adjustable speed of the conveyor belt should be up to 10 km/h (170 m/min), which corresponds to a moderate jogging speed. The total load is maximum 150 kg.

mk Solution
The GUF-P...

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Profile rack for water treatment system 01

Problem definition
Flexible lightweight frame for a salt-water treatment system that is characterized by a long service life. The system is completely assembled in Germany and subsequently dismantled, in order to then be ultimately commissioned at the implementation site. Consequently fast...

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