Automated loading and unloading of cabinet incubators

Problem definition
An automated transport system is used in a laboratory environment to transport drawers to various positions in a cabinet incubator as well as to a position for manual loading and unloading. There is also an option for a visual assessment (qualitative assessment of the objects). A local PLC provides the transport functionality. The system should also be separated from the rest of the lab by a safety barrier.

mk solution
The base frame of the system, which includes levelling feet and floor fastening, was constructed of Series 40 Aluminium Profiles to accommodate the axles. The lift unit (Z-axis) and the removal unit (Y-axis) were made from a linear unit with recirculating ball bearing guide and timing belt drive. The transverse module (X-axis) consists of a linear unit with roller guide. In addition to 36 drawer positions, the area of activity of the removal device includes a further park position along the outside edge at an ergonomic height. The system controller was installed with a UPS system for an uninterruptible power supply. Guarding with suspended sliding grates, a protective guard and emergency stop switch has also been installed.

Benefits for customers

  • Flexibility and stability thanks to mk aluminium profile technology
  • Reliability and precision with mk linear units
  • Uninterruptible power supply
  • Everything from one source, incl. controllers and integration



> Aluminium profiles series 40
> Recirculating ball bearing guides
> Track rolle gides
> Guarding


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  • XYZ-Achs-Handling
  • Video XYZ-Achse-Handling