Profile series 40

Series 40 Aluminium Profiles

Aluminium Profiles with a 40 x 40 Grid Dimension for Lighter Machine Frames

Series 40 construction profiles are based on a grid dimension of 40 x 40 mm and multiples of this value. They are generally used for lighter machine frames, guarding, assembly work stations, exhibit construction and work platforms.

Choosing the correct profile depends on its intended use and the necessary load capacity and design requirements.

The slot width of 10 mm and slot depth of 12 mm are designed for use with DIN M8 screws. However, M4, M5 and M6 screws can also be used. The profile’s drill channels are designed for tapping threads and for inserting a threaded insert or HELICOIL.

The series also includes cleanroom profiles, which are ideally suited for areas with stringent requirements for cleanliness and design. They feature a closed surface that is completely flat. Telescopic profiles, cover profiles and profiles with an additional slot for attaching panelling round out the versatile Series 40 product range. Certain profile cross sections are also available as curved profiles.

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