Profiles Series 60

Series 60 Aluminium Profiles

Aluminium Profiles with a 60 x 60 Grid Dimension for the Heaviest Loads

Series 60 construction profiles are based on a grid dimension of 60 x 60 mm and multiples of this value. They are generally used for large gantries and machine frames subject to the heaviest loads, applications which are usually reserved for steel constructions.

They consist predominantly of a high-quality aluminium alloy, AlMgSi 0.7 F27, which gives the profiles excellent stability and rigidity. This, together with their innovative geometry, makes them suitable even for applications with the heaviest loads, which usually employ steel constructions. Choosing the correct profile depends on its intended use and the necessary load capacity and design requirements.

The slot width of 14 mm and slot depth of 19 mm are designed for use with DIN M12 screws. However, M6, M8 and M10 screws can also be used. The front centre drill channel with ø = 14.5 mm is designed for direct tapping of M16 threads as well as for a self-tapping M12 threaded insert. The outer drill channel with ø = 10.5 mm is designed for direct tapping of M12 threads as well as for a self-tapping M8 threaded insert or a M10 HELICOIL wire thread insert.

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