Branche Konsumgüterindustrie

Solutions for the Consumer Goods Industry

Gentle Transport of Packaged and Unpackaged Products

If you want to compete on the market, you need highly flexible technology that can meet the increasingly varied demands of the industry. To allow our customers in the consumer goods industry to produce a wide product range, even with small batch sizes, mk offers versatile and precise transport solutions with short throughput times and a high degree of automation.

For applications in the consumer goods industry, this means:

  • Transport and interlinking of packaged and unpackaged products with different features and specifications (box formats, cuts, surface coatings)
  • Flexible all-round solutions that can be retooled quickly and easily
  • Clean and gentle handling

Solutions from mk

Our team develops flexible conveyor technology solutions for transporting packaged and unpackaged materials. The solutions are exactly tailored to the specific product being conveyed and can be used both for standard production and for custom machines. mk conveyor systems ensure that your transport and interlinking processes are not only fast and reliable but also gentle and clean. For additional process steps, for example those in paint shops, we employ technologies to keep surfaces free of substances that interfere with paint adhesion.

We would be happy to provide information about our references in the production of clocks, porcelain, furniture, clothing, sport items, perfume vials and much more.

Drehtisch Glastiegel 3

In the cosmetics industry, glass pots need to be transferred automatically to a filling station. On delivery, the pots are unpacked manually and placed on the feeding system. To avoid the workers having to continuously place individual pots on the feeding system, the pots are loaded in batches,…

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SPU Haushaltsgerätehersteller

Several workstations must be interlinked in a production line for dishwashers. The stations have different cycle and changeover times, which is why the conveyor technology between them must stagger and buffer the dishwasher casings. Furthermore, it must be possible to stop the casings for…

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Schutzkabine 01

Problem definition
A protective device guard built according to a customer-supplied drawing is required for the packaging area of a toothbrush production operation. The toothbrushes are already in their primary packaging, so there are no sanitary requirements. The protective device guard is located…

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Logistikablauf für Konsumgüter 01

Problem definition
The customer sought to simulate the entire logistics process for consumer goods for use in a training centre. Using beverage crates as an example, the customer wanted to display all the various stations, from manufacture of the goods, to transport and storage, all the way to the…

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Flat top chain conveyor as interlinking for a packaging system 03

Problem definition
To position and package tubes, empty trays must be advanced to a positioning station. Tubes are loaded into the trays, which are again discharged upon completion. The loaded trays are then advanced to a packaging system.

mk Solution
A flat top chain conveyor advances the empty…

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System for filling cardboard boxes 01

Problem definition
Design and production of a box filling machine for different tube formats of the cosmetics industry. Capacity: 200 tubes/min, 4 boxes/min. Chaining of upstream filling stations and integration of the provided scale with NOK outsorting of tubes. Chaining of box erectors from…

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Umlaufsystem Modul-Con 01

Problem definition
A conveyor system for tea candles should be integrated in an existing production system. In this regard the tea candle holders are filled at two stations and cooled via the residual section. In addition, the tea candle holders must be oriented to the customer-side tool carriers…

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