Modul-Con circulation system

Problem definition
A conveyor system for tea candles should be integrated in an existing production system. In this regard the tea candle holders are filled at two stations and cooled via the residual section. In addition, the tea candle holders must be oriented to the customer-side tool carriers and they must be capable of rotating.

mk Solution
The Modul-Con system is based on the profile series 50. A 3/4" vertical hollow pin chain arranged between the wear strips is used for transport. The hollow pins serve as loading elements for shafts with sealed bearings that are each connected to the product receptacles. Indexing can be executed via controller or index drive.

Benefits to the customer

  • Modular structure for integration in customerspecific production lines
  • Longer straights are achievable with just one drive
  • Compact structure
  • Continuous operation and indexing are achievable
  • Optionally with index drive



> Chain conveyor KTF-P 2060
> Aluminum profile series 60

  • Umlaufsystem Modul-Con 01

    Modul-Con circulation system with pivot bearing elements and automatic tensioning stationn

  • Umlaufsystem Modul-Con 02

    A vertically arranged hollow pin chain is used for transport

  • Umlaufsystem Modul-Con 03

    Rolling tail and automatic tensioning station

  • Umlaufsystem Modul-Con 01
  • Umlaufsystem Modul-Con 02
  • Umlaufsystem Modul-Con 03