TÜV test rig for baby strollers

Problem definition
Simulation of different ground conditions with standardized obstacles for testing baby strollers. The adjustable speed of the conveyor belt should be up to 10 km/h (170 m/min), which corresponds to a moderate jogging speed. The total load is maximum 150 kg.

mk Solution
The GUF-P 2004 conveyor was equipped with a timing belt drive and balanced rollers. A wire hook connection ensures easy belt change. Standardized obstacles were screwed onto the belt. To damp strong vibrations (that occur through cleats) it was necessary to support conveyor belt on metal vibration buffers. A switch-off safeguard was implemented via magnetic pull switches.

Customer benefit

  • A modularly extensible complete system from a single source
  • Design in accordance with accident prevention regulations
  • GUF-P 2004 with v = 170 m/min, that is configured to handle this continuous load
  • Standardized replaceable test specimens



> Belt conveyor GUF-P 2004
> Belt conveyor GUF-P 2041
> Guarding equipment

  • Baby stroller test fixture including protective enclosure

  • Damped, fastened belt conveyor GUF-P 2004

  • GUF-P 2041 and KTF-P 2010 with replaceable obstructions