Pivoting conveyor system with integrated gripper

Problem definition
Replacement of a simple slide with a system that gently handles blow-molded parts, which in some cases are still plastiline, with automation, and transports them off. The blow-molded parts must be vertically transferred to the discharge gripper of the blow molding system. Subsequently the product must be transported to a manual workstation for further processing.

mk Solution
The mk solution is based on the standard GUF-P 2004 belt conveyors, equipped with a special anti-adhesion belt. The pivot unit has been integrated in the belt body reinforcement and the over-dimensioned 2-finger parallel gripper has been connected to the conveyors. The partturn actuator is powered by a coupled Omega drive that is configured for 5,000 Nm. Securing functions, such as pegging with a connecting pin in the 90° position and a locking bolt have been integrated for maintenance tasks.

Benefits to the customer

  • Autonomous function unit with small controller and I/O module for universal implementation
  • Gentle handling of products
  • Optimally adapted parallel gripper with 2.5 m gripper fingers for product transfer
  • Large product format spectrum can be transported without any adjustment whatsoever



> Belt conveyor GUF-P 2004
> Timing belt conveyor
> Aluminum profile series 40

  • Komplettsystem mit schwenkbarem Förderer auf Grundlage des mk Standard-Gurtförderer GUF-P 2004

  • Der Schwenkantrieb erfolgt über einen gekoppelten Zahnriemenantrieb der auf 5.000 Nm ausgelegt ist

  • Pneumatischer, synchronisierter Greifer

  • Produktspezifisch angepasster Parallelgreifer mit 2,5 m langen Greiffingern zur Übernahme des Produktes