Timing Belts

Timing belts for transporting workpiece carriers in multiple line systems or with workpiece fixtures in single line systems.


The standard timing belts are made from polyurethane reinforced with high-strength steel cords. To ensure optimal transport, various surface coatings can be used or ribs for holding the workpiece can be welded or screwed onto the surface of the timing belt.

The timing belts for the ZRF-P 2010 system have a width of 32 mm, since they are typically used in dual line or multiple line systems for transporting workpiece carriers. The timing belts for the ZRF-P 2040 system are available in widths of 32, 70, 110 and 150 mm, depending on the required conveyor frame profile.

An additional coating on the teeth side (PAZ = polyamide) is recommended for conveying speeds above 30 m/min as well as to reduce friction and noise. Since standard timing belts with the PU base material on the teeth side tend to produce noise when passing over the aluminium timing belt pulley, a PAZ coating – in addition to good lubrication – is a reliable solution to this problem.

The PAZ coating takes the form of a nylon fabric on the teeth side and is also available in an impregnated version to meet ESD requirements. This use of this nylon fabric in cleanroom applications is controversial because of the fine abrasion particles it produces.

Many of our customers prefer the larger, visible particles produced by the PU base material. We can also provide a conductive base material on request for use with electronic parts and in explosive atmospheres.

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Wear strips made from ultra-high-molecular weight polyethylene (PE-UHMW) are used to precisely guide the timing belt on the conveyor frame profile and minimise wear. This material provides a low coefficient of friction and excellent wear characteristics over a wide temperature range (up to 65° C over extended periods).


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