ZRF-P 2040 Timing Belt Conveyor

Conveyor system with a timing belt for cycled transport of piece goods.

  • Precise
  • Fast
  • Flexible

Technical specifications

Type of goods Boxes, crates, pallets, workpiece carriers
Type of ways Straight & incline up to 20°
Length individual 650-6000 mm
Width 40, 80, 120 and 160 mm
Speed up to 60 m/min
Maximum load up to 250 kg
Drive belt width32, 70, 110 and 150 mm
Drive versionsAC, AS
Belt body profilemk 2040.03

Features of the ZRF-P 2040

  • Cycled transport of piece goods, either conventional or orientated
  • Exact conveying, feeding and positioning up to 250 kg
  • Available as a single, dual or multiple line conveyor
  • Various belt coatings for optimal gripping of the workpiece
  • Ribs can be attached to hold the workpieces

Product Description

The ZRF-P 2040 timing belt conveyor system is ideally suited for use as a single line conveyor for the cycled transport of piece goods. The goods can be transported conventionally or with a specific orientation.

In addition to different coatings that provide optimal gripping of the workpiece, various ribs to hold the workpiece can also be attached to the surface of the timing belt, either welded on or preferably screwed on.

The system is suitable for exact conveying, feeding and positioning up to a total load of 250 kg. The system offers different timing belt widths to suit your particular application, workpiece dimensions and total load.

The conveyor frame profile also offers system slots (10 mm slot width) on both sides for connection stands, side rails, sensors and stoppers.

Drive Variants



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