Provision of material in industrial workplaces

Particularly in the production department, the handling area of the workstation should be designed to be as ergonomic and flexible as possible. Frequently used materials, tools and information should be conveniently positioned for handling. Rack systems, shelves and accessible boxes on swivel arms and tool suspension systems are all ideal solutions. Workpieces and assembly material can be transported using flow racks with roller strips or roller conveyors.

Rack systems
Shelves made of sheet metal or chipboard are used to store accessible containers, tools, measuring devices or components ready for assembly. The racks are freely adjustable in depth and height for optimal positioning thanks to the angled connector. The tray can be adjusted to any angle from -30° to + 30°.

Swivel arms with shelves and accessible containers
Swivel arms are used to hold shelves and accessible containers for small parts and provide more work space in the handling area. The swivel arms can be fixed using either clamping levers or cylinder screws. Accessible containers can be attached to the swivel arm in the form of a simple holder or a multi-rack system to save space.

Kanban components
Roller strips are used in flow racks to ensure smooth movement of transport boxes and cardboard boxes. They can be delivered in lengths up to 4500 mm. The roller spacing is either 33 mm or 49.5 mm. In the case of longer roller tracks or higher loads, it is advisable to place profiles lengthways or crossways for support. The rollers are mounted on steel axles and are available with and without flanges.
The RBS-P 2065/2066 gravity roller conveyor is ideal for use as a roller carrier for the flow of materials between picking stations or Kanban racks. Depending on the total load and the required spacing, rollers with dimensions from 20 to 50 mm can be selected. An inclination of 1–2° usually ensures a reliable component feed. Over longer lines and steep inclines, it is possible to reach high speeds. In this case, the kinetic energy requires a damped deceleration.

Monitor holder
The monitor holder with mounting plate is extremely flexible thanks to its five axes, height adjustment feature and the ability to rotate the monitor through 360°. It is suitable for VESA-compatible monitors (VESA 75 and 100).

Tool suspension systems
Tool suspension systems such as spring balancers maintain order and safety in the workplace. They also ensure the tools are always accessible even when the working area is limited.

Document holder
Document holders allow you to protect and store documents, such as instructions for mounting or inspection logs, at the workstation in an orderly manner.

Bottle holder
The bottle holder with a diameter of 100 mm is designed for the safe storage of all standard beverage bottles, cups, cans, mugs and beverage cartons. The version with an open bottom can also be used to store a screwdriver or other such equipment.

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