SRF-P 2010 Accumulating Roller Chain Conveyor

Accumulating roller chain conveyor for interlinking workstations and buffering workpiece carriers under heavy loads.

  • Versatile
  • Sturdy
  • Low maintenance

Technical specifications

Type of goods Boxes, crates, pallets, workpiece carriers
Type of ways Straight & incline up to 20°
Length individual 500-10000 mm
Width 200-2000 mm
Speed up to 30 m/min
Maximum load up to 500 kg
ChainAccumulating roller chain 1/2“ with plastic- or steel rollers
Drive versionsAA, AC, AF, AS, BC, BF
Belt body profilemk 2010

Features of the SRF-P 2010

  • Basis for constructing transfer lines with accumulated aoperation
  • Ideal for low-maintenance and durable use in accumulated and cycling operation
  • For interlinking and buffering between workstations and for transporting workpiece carriers
  • Large selection of drives

Product Description

The SRF-P 2010 accumulating roller chain conveyor is intended as the basis for constructing transfer lines for loads up to 750 kg. The free-spinning conveyor rollers run smoothly, evening during accumulated operation. They also keep accumulation forces to a minimum. Typical applications include interlinking or buffering between workstations and building complete transfer lines.

Longitudinal slots in the mk 2010 profile beam provide flexible options for connecting struts, guides, sensors and components from the mk profile system. Like all chain conveyors, the system can be equipped with an optional tensioning device and continuous lubrication device.

Drive Variants

The wear and guide strips that support and guide the chain are made from ultra-high-molecular weight polyethylene (PE-UHMW), which provides a low friction coefficient with excellent wear characteristics over a wide temperature range (up to 65° C over extended periods).

Wear Strips



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