Angle Fasteners

Angle Fasteners

Simple and Sturdy Angle Fasteners with No Profile Machining Required

The most commonly used connection at mk is the sturdy angle fastener, which employs angles, DIN screws and ribbed washers. Angles can also be mounted or removed later and allow profiles from various series or other components to be connected to each other. Angles with a key prevent undesired twisting and provide a perfectly aligned connection.

Threads for inserting panelling elements can be tapped into the angle’s side drill channels. In addition to the angle, all angle assemblies consist of DIN cylinder head screws, ribbed washers and nuts or T-nuts. The ribbed washer prevents the screw connection from loosening when dynamic loads are applied.


Features of Angle Fasteners

  • Sturdy connection without end machining
  • Can easily be removed later and reused
  • Angles with keys available to prevent twisting
  • Tolerance compensation possible
  • Side drill channels for attaching panelling
  • Low installation work


Our angle brackets are an excellent addition to mk’s range of angles, designed for structures subject to high static loads and for connecting heavy, third-party components.

Our L (30°), M (45°) and N (60°) angles can also be combined with a mitre-cut profile section to reinforce corners. In rectangular frame structures, you must always combine two M angles or one L angle and one N angle.

Adjustable angle brackets make it possible to connect mk profiles at continuously variable angles. If needed, the adjustable angle brackets can be easily dowelled.