nuts and t-nuts

Nuts & T-nuts

For Mounting Connecting Elements and Accessory Components

T-nuts, also referred to as simply nuts, are the load-bearing mounting elements used in combination with angles, plates, corner blocks and other connectors and accessory components mounted to the slot side. A range of different variants are available, including ESD and stainless steel versions, nuts with a spring for fixing it in the system slot and T-nuts for later installation into the grooves of profiles whose front end is already sealed.

The variant with an additional spring sheetlets you fix the nuts in the profile slot so they can no longer move. This makes it significantly easier to install angles and accessory components in vertical slots. In addition, the ESD variant ensures that the connection is conductive.

Nuts for later mounting can be installed in the profile slot even if the profile’s front end is already sealed. In addition, they can be used for profiles with closed slots that are only open where the connection is located.

Nuts with the additional ESD function penetrate the profile’s anodised coating to ensure conductibility.

Some nuts are also available in a corrosion-resistant stainless steel design.

The T-slot nut 1 allows you to connect Series 40/50 angles with a key to profiles from Series 60. Its geometry results in a precisely aligned connection that resists twisting in the Series 60 14 mm slot; see also the mounting sheet.