Plate Fasteners

Plate Fasteners

Easy Connections without Profile Machining

Plate fasteners are simple profile connections that are also suitable for integrating profiles into or reinforcing an existing structure. Depending on your installation situation, you can choose among straight plates, T-plates or angle plates. The frame’s internal slots remain open, for example for attaching panelling.

The plates are equipped with a pressed indentation/key to ensure the connection does not twist and the profile paths remain perfectly aligned. We also offer plates for light and medium loads all the way to heavy-duty applications. All plate assembliesconsist of DIN cylinder head screws, ribbed washers and mk nuts (T-nuts). Die Sicherungsscheibe verhindert dabei das Lösen der Schraubverbindung bei dynamischer Belastung.


Features of Plate Fasteners

  • Easy installation into existing systems
  • No machining necessary
  • Ideal for reinforcing a connection
  • No obstructing edges in the structure’s interior
  • Plates with a key prevent twisting