Belt conveyor for picking wooden panels

A warehouse for wooden furniture panels was looking for a solution for picking, collecting and transporting the panels from the warehouse. Panels of differing sizes for each order needed to be conveyed ready for subsequent packing. Their dimensions varied greatly, from very small at 130x200 mm to very large at 1200x2500 mm. In addition, heavy loads of up to 100 kg needed to be factored into the mix. The system was required to run at speeds of up to 45 m/min in cycling operation.

mk solution
Several GUF-P 2041 belt conveyors convey the picked wooden panels from the warehouse. The conveyors are up to 7800 mm in length and up to 1100 mm in width. They are extremely stable and designed to convey heavy loads. A belt with high adhesion ensures that the wooden panels can be transported in the correct position without shifting around. Special wipers on the belt remove any chips and impurities. The drives have been positioned in such a way that the conveyors can be deployed one directly after the other. Rolling knife edges with a diameter of 22 mm were used to ensure that even the small panels can be transferred safely and in the correct position without tipping. Drives with inverters were used for a soft start-up to enable the conveyors to run in cycling operation while protecting the product.

Benefits for customers

  • Customised solution based on standard components
  • Simple solution to the customer’s problem
  • Safe and cost-effective design



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