Cycling Chain Conveyor with Immersion Bath and Blowing Station

Problem definition
An automated cleaning station with an immersion bath is required in an assembly line for metal spindles. The spindles are loaded onto the conveyor by a customer-provided handling system and then transported into the cleaning solution, where they are rinsed. Any fluid and dirt residues are then removed, and a second handling system prepares the spindles to be transported away.

mk Solution
KTF-P 2040 cycling chain conveyor with prism fixtures for the spindles. The chain guide is angled at approximately 30° and transports the spindles into the cleaning bath and back out. Adjustable nozzles in the bath thoroughly rinse the spindles. The solution can be cleaned and replaced using a circulating pump with a filter system. Fluid and dirt residues are removed from the spindles by flexible compressed air nozzles installed in a blowing chamber that is enclosed on all sides. Index unit to ensure exact positioning for automated removal.

Benefit to the customer

  • Optimised for automated loading and unloading
  • Resistant design thanks to thoughtfully matched materials and components
  • Suitable materials can be selected to allow for different immersion solutions (e.g. for use as oil bath, cooling bath)
  • Ready for use with customer-provided control system, also available as complete solution with controller



> Indexing chain conveyor TKU 2040

  • Kettentakförderer TKU 2040 mit Tauchbad und Abblasstation

  • Kettentaktförderer mit Aufnahmeprismen befördert Spindeln in Reinigungsbad und wieder heraus

  • Über flexible Druckluftdüsen werden Flüssigkeits- und Schmutzreste von den Spindeln entfernt