Linear module LZR, Series 60 for wood saw

Problem definition
A feed unit is to be used to push wooden beams into a saw and automatically cut them to custom-made size. A linear module is used to generate variable cutting lengths based on predetermined values provided by the control system. The cycle time for sawing the length of one beam is set to 35 seconds while allowing 20 cuts (60 cuts/min are possible). The saw as well as the pneumatic gripper, which lifts the beam in the Z axis, will be supplied by the customer.

mk Solution
Using a linear module with gear belt based on profile mk 2060.07 adding rollers and rails provided by Rollon GmbH. A guide rail (fixed bearing) is attached to the side of the profile while another bearing (floating) is mounted to the underside of the profile. The rough environmental conditions necessitate the installation of a metal scraper for removing the coarse debris and a brush for wiping off the fine dust.

Benefits to the customer

  • High precision and dynamic capability
  • High feed-in power
  • High torsional stiffness
  • Variable and modular design
  • High rigidity
  • Use in dirty environment possible
  • Low maintenance



> Linear module LZR series 60

  • Holzsäge mit Linearmodul als vollautomatische Vorschubeinheit

  • Laufwagen mit Blechabstreifer gegen grobe Verschmutzungen

  • Compact Rail Führungsschienen für rauhe Umgebungen und hohe Dynamiken