Other Accessories for mk Conveyor Systems

Additional equipment for adapting mk conveyor systems to various applications and ensuring their proper function.


Nuts (T-nuts) are the preferred fasteners for connecting accessories such as sensors, stoppers, holders and other components to the slot sides of mk profile technology. Nuts in various sizes and weight classes are available, as are nuts for later mounting or nuts with a spring to fix them in the slot.

Overview of Nuts

mk Reglomat and frequency inverter

For integrating conveyor systems into existing, complex processes, mk offers complete solutions spanning the control concept all the way to hand-off on the customer’s premises. We can also implement wiring to terminal boxes, I/O modules or bus systems according to your specifications. For small controllers, mk can draw from an extensive portfolio of standard components. The speed of a conveyor system with direct current motors can be controlled by means of the mk-Reglomat and with three-phase motors by means of a frequency inverter.

Reglomat Overview

Sensors + Sensor Holders

Sensors are used to control, position and monitor processes in automation technology. The sensors used in mk conveyor technology consist of four components: the inductive sensor, the clamp mount, the sensor cable and the sensor holder.

Overview of Sensors

End Stop

Product on the conveyor often needs to be stopped for production reasons, especially on belt conveyor and roller conveyors. This is usually accomplished using end stops, which can be easily attached to system slots in the conveyor frame profile. The end stop is equipped with a plastic strip to avoid damaging the product.

Overview of End Stops

Drip Pan

The stainless steel drip pain is primarily intended for belt and modular belt conveyors, and it’s length, width and depth can be adapted to your particular conveyor system. It is equipped with a drain nozzle with an R 3/4 thread that can be connected to the drain lines. Typical applications include conveying products that are only lightly coated in oil.

Overview of Drip Pans


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