Partition Method for Protective Fences

In the partition method, which is the preferred method and the standard used at mk, the posts and the panelling material form a single unit. The units are placed next to each other, connected with plates and anchored to the floor.


The partition method is an economical, sturdy and easy-to-install type of guarding. Because of the flush connections between the partitions, this method is excellently suited for both long, straight paths and for designs with variable angles. The units are securely connected using plates or adjustable angles.


The floor clearance is 180 mm as standard, which allows for floor cleaning without compromising safety. The profile structure’s favourable mass-to-strength ratio offer ergonomic benefits when handling and installing the elements.

Plate fastening is the preferred method for connecting a partition to the adjacent partitions. The heights and grid dimensions can be adapted to customer-specific requirements.

Swing Doors
A swing door is connected to the sides of partitions using hinges. The door lintel that connects the partitions provides the necessary stability. It can be used for both single-leaf and double-leaf swing doors. The dimensions of the doors can be selected freely. The standard height from floor level is 2000 mm. Various panelling options, lock types and safety interlocks are available.


Lifting Doors
Lifting doors consist of a solid partition and a lifting element, which is balanced using steel cables that are connected to counterweights via idler pulleys. This lets you easily lift and lower the door manually. With opposing lifting doors, lifting is facilitated by the weight balancing provided by the other door moving in the opposite direction.

Sliding Doors
Sliding doors are assembled from a track and a roller carriage, which results in an extremely sturdy sliding mechanism that offers the benefits of a closed rail system. As with swing doors, sliding doors are mounted on the sides of two partitions, which are connected by the door lintel.

Single-leaf windows with ball latches ensure that the window can be reliably and securely locked in the profile frame. Safety interlocks should be used in openings that are critical for safety. These windows are available with ball latches or panel cylinder locks. The double-leaf variant should be used if the space requirements do not permit a single-leaf window.


Sliding Windows
Sliding windows are built using the mk 2240 and mk 2241 profiles. The panelling is guided along these profiles, which act as rails, in either single or triple tracks. When closed, they are locked using a bolt lock.

Folding Windows
Folding windows require a smaller swivel range than casement windows and are therefore a space-saving alternative.

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