Belt conveyor for respiratory masks

mk must deliver a large number of conveyors to a longtime customer in a short time frame. The conveyors are needed for a plant that must produce up to 100 respirator masks per minute in a fully automatic process. As the demand for such plants is extremely high due to the spread of the coronavirus, the conveyors must be quickly delivered as well as easy to put into operation. The mk conveyors must convey the masks to separate production steps within the plant, such as folding, bonding and supplying nose clips. The masks are then disinfected in subsequent steps. The conveyor must be designed for three-shift operation.

mk solution
Together with the customer, mk configured a conveyor consisting of as many standard components as possible, but which still satisfied the necessary cleanliness requirements. The best-selling mk GUF-P 2000 conveyor was the best solution for the job. The highly standardised belt conveyor can be quickly delivered and is easy to integrate, which will allow mk to deliver 40 conveyors in just a few weeks. The conveyor is also reasonably priced thanks to the high level of standardisation. An FDA-approved belt was used in order to keep the masks free of contamination. mk constructed the belt conveyor with low-maintenance, indirect drives with timing belts to ensure that three-shift operation runs reliably and without malfunctions.

Benefits for customers

  • Very fast processing and delivery
  • Neither too much, nor too little – customer requirements are adequately met
  • Reasonably priced thanks to the high level of standardisation
  • Reliable delivery during times of crisis thanks to high storage capability



> Belt conveyor GUF-P 2000


  • Transport von Atemschutzmasken
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  • Transport von Atemschutzmasken
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