Interlink with universal workpiece carrier and individual safety zones

Problem definition
In the production of longitudinal and cross beams, the production systems, the packaging robots and a station for manual tasks need to be interlinked. Positioning accuracy of +- 0.2 mm is required at the stations. Both longitudinal and cross beams are produced on the line, and the longitudinal beams sometimes need to be fed to different stations than the cross beams. The interlink must transport both variants, divert them at the appropriate locations and then guide them back together. The interlink must also compensate for the different cycle times of the machine tools. The spatial constraints are pre-defined, and the customer’s production equipment regulations must be observed. The system is run in three-shift operation.

mk Solution
Transport system built from mk system components, with workpiece carriers with a universal workpiece holder for both longitudinal and cross beams in both left-hand and right-hand orientation. The main conveyor line is built from SRF-P 2010 accumulating roller chain conveyors and also serves as the buffer line. Transverse and vertical conveyor systems consisting of ZRF-P 2025 timing belt conveyors with a pneumatic lifting unit allow different track paths to be implemented. Pneumatic stoppers are used to stop the workpiece carriers along the line. The workpiece carriers are equipped with RFID so that the type and status can be uniquely assigned by the controller and the workpiece carriers can be correctly transported. The individual machining stations are in separate safety zones and have separate emergency stop functions. The various robot stations are also enclosed with guarding.

Benefit to the customer

  • Reliable interlinking of multiple machining stations with different cycle times
  • One universal workpiece carrier for quick and easy retooling
  • Modular design allows for independent safety zones and circuits
  • Design complies with automotive production equipment regulations


> Accumulating roller chain conveyor SRF-P 2010
> Timing belt conveyor ZRF-P 2025
> Guardings

  • Transportsystem inklusive Werkstückträger mit universeller Werkstückaufnahme

  • Hauptförderlinie realisiert über Staurollenkettenförderer SRF-P 2010

  • Werkstückaufnahme für sowohl Längs- als auch Querträger

  • Pneumatische Stopper entlang der Strecke