Optimised Assembly Process for Sensor Units

Problem definition
The mounting process for sensor units for fertiliser spreaders needs to be optimised. Currently, the process is a slow and error-prone one in which a worker manually carries the individual components from station to station, where they are mounted and pressed. To streamline the process, the individual components are now to be transported to a final pressing station on pallets. It should be possible for personnel to work at their own pace. At the same time, the conveyor technology must ensure ergonomic working heights. The assembly line is in an ESD-protected area, which means that only a very limited amount of space is available. Furthermore, it must be possible to move the whole assembly line for maintenance work and then reposition it precisely at its standing point.

mk solution
The SPU 2040 conveyor system was able to meet the customer’s requirements in the optimum way. Pallets for holding the workpieces are attached to the top of the conveyor. They are not permanently screwed in place but rather held atop the flat top chain by a positive connection. The pallets are free to slide in the direction of transport. This allows them to accumulate, stop, buffer and separate on the conveyor. At the tail, the pallets are safely carried over and then conveyed back suspended below the transport level. They are then available at the start of the belt to be loaded with new workpieces. As a result, the system requires significantly less space than a classic pallet circulation system.
The worker uses a Kanban station to pick up the required individual parts and set them down on the pallets. Each pallet is fitted with an individual workpiece holder for transporting each part separately. Once all the pallets are occupied, the SPU 2040 transports them to the press bed. There, they are stopped and individually guided into the press supply. Instead of using different presses with different strokes, only one press with just a single stroke is now used, because the workpiece holders are arranged at different heights on the pallets. The press can therefore press the individual parts into each other as required.
In this case, the SPU 2040 is designed fully on rollers to ensure that it can be moved easily. A base swivel lever ensures that it can be precisely repositioned in front of the press bed. In addition, the press bed itself can be attached with angles to the system slots of the profiles used for the basic version of the SPU 2040.

Benefits for customers

  • Extremely compact solution
  • Ergonomic working heights
  • Flexible positioning
  • Cost-effective solution thanks to standardisation
  • Low maintenance



Accumulating pallet recirculation system SPU 2040


  • Palettenumlaufsystems SPU 2040 im Montageprozess
  • Palettenumlaufsystems SPU 2040
  • Palettenumlaufsystems SPU 2040 im Montageprozess
  • Palettenumlaufsystems SPU 2040