Three-axis handling with a FILO buffer

Problem definition
In the production of titanium screws, a handling solution needs to lift the baskets containing the screws from the main conveyor life to the buffer conveyor or tip the containers into a funnel. The solution needs to process different screw types in no particular order and be able to handle both full and empty baskets. The cycle time at this station is about one minute per basket.

mk Solution
Three-axis handling with a swivelling device. An LZR 2005 linear module with a stroke of about 2600 mm provides the movement along the X-axis. Pneumatic guide units provide movement along the Y-axis and Z-axis. A turning unit with a swivel stroke of 180° completes the handling solution. The handling solution is equipped with a fork gripper system that can grip the custom screw baskets and secure them with an electromagnet. Five reversing GUF-P 2000 belt conveyors serve as an FILO buffer for baskets with different screw types as well as empty baskets. RFID chips on the baskets together with a higher-level order management system allow the customer to uniquely assign and process the various baskets. The entire handling solution including the buffer conveyor is mounted in a frame built from the mk profile construction kit. Levelling feet easily compensate for uneven floors.

Benefit to the customer

  • Simple three-axis handling solution with swivelling device
  • Handling solution, conveyor technology, frame, complete control system and integration from a single source


> Linear module LZR 2005
> Belt conveyor GUF-P 2000
> Aluprofile Serie 40

  • Production line for titanium screws 03

    Three-axis handling with a swivelling device

  • Production line for titanium screws 03