Movable collection/cleaning/buffering station with lift

Problem definition
During the production of titanium screws, the screws are expelled from the lathes and fill baskets made from perforated VA steel sheets. The screws that fall into the basket need to be counted. A lifting unit is also needed to transport the baskets to the main conveyor line at a height of 2500 mm. Furthermore, a customer-provided ultrasound cleaning bath, a drip area with a blowing station and two storage areas for empty baskets need to be integrated on the way to the main conveyor line. The lifting units should be movable to allow for easy access to the lathes for maintenance and cleaning.

mk Solution
Two-axis handling with a gripper. Vertical lifting is provided by an LZR 2004 linear module with a stroke of about 2000 mm. The linear module is driven by a servomotor with an inverter. A fork gripper system is mounted on the guide unit. With a pneumatic horizontal stroke of about 300 mm, the fork grippers can reach into openings in the screw baskets. The grippers can place the baskets in the ultrasound bath, in the drip area with blowing station and in the storage area. The entire lifting unit is mounted in a frame made from the mk profile construction kit and equipped with casters. This allows the unit to be easily moved. Locking mechanisms are used so that the unit does not have to be set up again after moving. The unit is fully automated. It can place full baskets in the ultrasound bath and the drip area, and it can remove empty baskets from the return line and place them in the storage areas. A sensor counts the screws that fall into the baskets. RFID chips on the screw baskets together with a higher-level controller allow the customer to uniquely assign and transport different screw types and full and empty containers.

Benefit to the customer

  • Mobile, flexible lifting unit
  • Adapted to customer requirements
  • Custom screw basket made from perforated VA steel sheet
  • Complete control system and integration into the overall process


> Linear module LZR 2004
> Aluminum profiles series 40

  • Production line for titanium screws 04

    Two-axis handling with a gripper

  • Production line for titanium screws 04