Customer information regarding a potential bottleneck in the gas supply

There are currently extensive reports in the media about a potential bottleneck in the gas supply and a complete suspension of gas supplies from Russia. Opinions differ on how hard a suspension of gas supplies could hit Germany and its industry. The chemical industry and other sectors that are directly dependent on gas in the production process would be particularly hard hit.

Situation at mk

Although gas is used by mk to heat our buildings, it is not used in the production process. Therefore, there will be no negative impact on customer orders in the near future. Should we be affected by a reduction in gas supplies in the winter months, which cannot be reliably predicted at this time, this may result in heating failures which we will counteract with suitable measures.

Situation at sub-suppliers

Unlike mk, our sub-suppliers may suffer losses – especially suppliers of aluminium and steel, since gas is a crucial component of their production processes. In order to counteract possible delivery failures, we have therefore significantly increased our stock, in particular our stock of aluminium profiles.


We are monitoring the situation very closely and will do everything we can to avoid disruption to production. A daily inventory analysis, high stock levels and close communication with our suppliers will ensure continuing provision as much as possible. However, should your order be delayed, we will inform you promptly and proactively.

Kind regards,
Sascha Krebs
Managing Director, Maschinenbau Kitz GmbH