Application Profiles for Specific Applications

Aluminium profiles with an application-specific function, for example conveyor frame profiles for conveyor systems and linear guides, or profiles for sliding doors or for attaching panelling.

Application profiles are special aluminium profiles designed for a wide range of specific applications. Among these are profiles for constructing conveyor system frames. For small belt conveyor frames, a profile can be used directly as the conveyor frame, for example the mk 2100 profile for the GUF-P Mini belt conveyor. For larger frames in belt conveyors, timing belt conveyors, chain conveyors, flat top chain conveyors or roller conveyors, the application profiles are used as side walls and connected with idler pulleys, traverses or rollers. Depending on the profile cross section, the conveyor belt can also be run inside the conveyor frame so that the conveyor can be set down directly on a surface. The exterior system slots are used for attaching stands, side rails, sensors and other accessories.


Additional Functions of these Profiles

  • Aluminium profiles as side rails in conveyor systems
  • Connection profiles for panelling such as polycarbonate or acrylic plates
  • Closure strips for system slots to keep dirt out
  • Cover profiles for a pleasant look with round contours
  • Aluminium profiles for telescopic substructures in industrial workstations
  • Aluminium profiles for platforms, stages and steps with a slip-proof structure


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