Internal Fasteners

Internal Fasteners

For structures with strict requirements in terms of aesthetics and design

Tension plugs are an alternative to angles when the slots must be left free for inserting panelling or when structures are to be created without visible connecting elements. Tension plugs are therefore frequently used in protective device guards, in light-duty frames, in cleanroom applications and in applications with strict requirements in terms of aesthetics and design.

Features of Internal Fasteners

  • Visually discrete connections
  • Profile system slots remain free
  • No obstructing edges
  • May be possible to adjust position later
  • Ideal for cleanroom structures built from closed cleanroom profiles
  • Thrust parts available for fixing the plug in the slot

Our extensive portfolio of tension plugs offers the perfect solution for virtually any requirement. In addition to light-duty and heavy-duty plugs for various loads and plugs with a thrust part for later mounting on existing systems, we also offer plugs for connecting profiles in parallel and for sturdy front-end connections. Special plugs for cleanroom applications and anchor fasteners for internal fastening without profile machining round out the product range.