Tips for Applying

1. Be Informed
If you are applying for an apprenticeship position with us, you should know why! That’s why it’s important to use all the information sources you can find to learn more about your desired profession. The employment agency or the Internet will certainly be able to help. Taster internships can also be a good way to decide on a particular apprenticeship.

2. Make Sure Your Application Is Complete
Your cover letter should make it clear to us why you want to complete this internship and why you would be a good fit. And just a small tip: Have someone else proofread your cover letter so that you don’t miss any spelling or grammatical errors. Your CV should be clear and well organised, and should include your education and any internships or side jobs. You should also include your last two school reports/transcripts and any internship certificates. You can send your application by mail, although we prefer to receive it by e-mail.

3. Apply Early
The sooner we receive your application, the sooner we can review it. Send us your application for the next apprenticeship year starting in October, but no later than the end of February. 

4. Be Prepared
Whether it’s for the aptitude test or the interview: Be prepared! Do research in books or on the Internet to find out what to expect. Your parents and teachers will also surely have a tip or two.

5. Show Enthusiasm
It is important for us that our apprentices enjoy what they are doing and are committed. So show us your enthusiasm for the position! During the interview you should convince us that you know precisely why you want this apprenticeship at mk.


Please use the online application form for your application.

Application form

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our HR department:

Sonja Mertens
Human Resources Officer

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Ampèrestraße 18
53844 Troisdorf, Germany
Tel.: +49 228 4598-333