Interlink Systems for Food Production

Problem definition
Food production application requires automated interlinking of multiple production steps and circulation of pallets. Multiple pallets with relatively high loads need to be transported. The conveyor systems need to be able to buffer the pallets. Pass-through clearances need to be kept free in certain locations. Defined capacities and throughput times need to be maintained. They conveyor technology also needs to ensure high process reliability, even in three-shift operation. The installation’s control system needs to be compatible with the given interfaces and transfer points. Spatial constraints need to be taken into account.

mk Solution
Complete interlinking of multiple production steps with the Versamove plus workpiece carrier circulation system. Reversing ZRF-P 2010 timing belt conveyors as transfer and buffer lines for total loads of up to 150 kg. Lift-and-rotate stations and lift-and-transfer units for achieving different track layouts and adapting to spatial constraints. Lifts for lifting and lowering the pallets. Conveyor frame and support frame from the mk profile system. Steel frame for buffering lines. Complete control system for the installation including integration of interfaces and transfer points.

Benefit to the customer

  • Complete, automated interlinking of multiple production steps
  • FDA-compliant according to customer requirement
  • Capacities and throughput times according to customer specifications
  • Adapted to spatial requirements
  • Extremely solid design for maximum reliability of the process



> Versamove plus
Timing belt conveyor ZRF-P 2040
> Timing belt conveyor ZRF-P 2010
> Aluminum profile series 40

  • Reversierende Zahnriemenförderer ZRF-P 2010 als Transfer- und Pufferstrecken

  • Verkettung mehrerer Produktionsschritte mit dem Werkstückträgerumlaufsystem VersaMove Plus