FAQ – Questions and Answers about the QuickDesigner

You do not need to log in to be able to use mk QuickDesigner for the configuration of a conveyor. You will have to log in to obtain a CAD model or a CAD model with a quotation.

The email address you have used to register for mk QuickDesigner also serves as your username.

If you have forgotten your password, you can request a new one. For this purpose, follow the "Forgot password?" link next to the login button in the login field.

Once you have logged in, you can select "My data" from the "My account" drop-down menu. Here you can edit your personal data and assign a new password.

In order to benefit from all the features mk QuickDesigner has to offer, one of the following browsers is required: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer, version 10 or higher.

Further information on all required input fields is available via pop-ups. Simply click the blue "i" next to the relevant input field.

Use the "Support" button at the right-hand side to direct questions to the customer support department. You can also use the "Contact" link in the footer. Customer support services can also be called by phone during regular business hours. The telephone number for the corresponding country can be found in the header under "Support".

If you only need a CAD model, then select this option before finishing the configuration. To this end, we only need your name and email address. We will need your postal address and company name for registration purposes, however, if you would like to receive a CAD model with a quotation.

Certain specifications are required for the preview feature to work as it is based on real-time calculation. If you have provided all of the required information but a preview is not indicated, then please click the "Preview" button below the preview window.

You will be notified via email as soon as the CAD model and/or the quotation are/is ready. Under "My account" you can then access all configurations 
with the relevant models and quotations. 

You will be notified via email as soon as the requested CAD model and/or the quotation are/is ready. We cannot tell you exactly how long the process will take because it all depends on available capacities.

Go to "My account/My configurations" to select the "Edit configuration" button in the first column. Use this button to open a saved configuration file to use it as a basis for making modifications.

Click "Date" in the column header in the configurations overview to sort the files by date in ascending or descending order. If you would like to see all configuration files for a given date, then select the date below the column header in the calendar.

Go to the configurations overview to select the "Delete configuration" button in the second column. Click this button to delete a saved configuration file.

When you are configuring a conveyor you'll be able to assign a reference name for the file with which you'll be able to uniquely identify your conveyor configuration and retrieve it.
Your reference name is subsequently indicated in the "My reference" column in the configurations overview. In order to sort the files by a given reference name, enter the search term in the field below the column header. This is a word similarity search, whereby partial names can be entered.

The 3D model of your configuration is made available as a zipped file (.zip) in the STEP format (.stp).

If you are working with Solid Works, deactivate the "Import multiple bodies as parts" and "Perform full entity check and repair errors" import options. The STEP model should then be imported in its entirety.

As soon as a quotation exists for a given configuration, the corresponding QD-No. (quotation document number) is entered in the column. You can enter a given number in the input field below the column header to have the files sorted accordingly.

Go to the overview of your saved configurations and select the "Prepare quotation" option in the "Quotation" column to request a quotation for an existing configuration. This option is available, provided a quotation has not yet been prepared for the given configuration.

Log in to your account to download a CAD model or a quotation. For each listed configuration, you will find at the right-hand side of the configurations overview window, columns labeled "3D model", "Preview", and "Quotation". Simply click the relevant symbol to download the file. 

After finishing the configuration process by selecting "CAD model with quotation", you are asked whether you would like to receive advice regarding the configuration. Click "Yes" here. It will be possible later to make contact via Support services.