Smart Automation 2019 – The Construction Kit for Custom Conveyor Systems

At Smart Automation, the industrial automation trade fair in Linz, Austria, E-M-M-A GmbH will be presenting an impressive selection of feed and interlinking solutions. The exhibits will focus on the variety of the construction kit, which is made up of modular conveyor systems based on profile technology.

By connecting a wide range of conveyor systems, users can create transport solutions for almost any type of goods or usage conditions. In addition to their tried-and-tested flat top chain conveyors, E-M-M-A will also be presenting a variety of standardised conveyor systems from the mk Technology Group, which has been part of E-M-M-A since 2018. E-M-M-A will also be showcasing a spiral conveyor for vertical transport.

Flat top chain conveyor

The flat top chain conveyors by E-M-M-A, also known as plastic chain conveyors, are being used very successfully in all areas of industry. Virtually any track design within a three-dimensional space is cost-effective and can be implemented with minimal space requirements. Quickly planned and easily built, products ranging from 10 to 600 mm can be conveyed with different chain widths, cleats and side rails, or alternatively on pallets.

Spiral conveyor

The extremely compact, high-performance SV Nano spiral conveyor allows users to transport products vertically through heights of up to 10 metres in very tight spaces – with no controlling required. With a diameter of just 790 mm, it is perfect for integration in applications where space is at a premium.

Curved belt conveyor

The KGF-P 2040 curved belt conveyor allows a horizontal flow of materials around corners. It is available in 90° and 180° versions and with usable widths of 300 to 600 mm. It is also equipped with a ø 20 rolling knife edge, so that even small products can be transferred reliably to the next system.

Incline conveyor

The KFG-P 2000 incline conveyor is used to transport all types of small product vertically, and its compact conveyor frame makes it suitable for hard-wearing, continuous duty in multi-shift operation. Its mobility means it can be used as a versatile transport unit for filling containers or pallet cages.

With years of experience in conveyor technology, E-M-M-A and the mk team are your first points of contact for application-specific and technical questions relating to factory automation. Take the opportunity: Smart Automation 2019, 14-16 May 2019, Linz, Booth DC 409