mk Gleitführungen

mk Gliding Assemblies

Adjusting Units Based on Gliding Elements

Gliding assemblies were developed for adjustment and positioning tasks and are ideal for linear applications that require manual adjustment. They can be delivered with or without scaling and can even be motorised on request.

Adjusting units (VST) are gliding assemblies in which the different guide components (profile beam and carriages) run on gliding elements rather than being separated by roller bearings. The large contact surfaces and special coating make the gliding assemblies virtually maintenance free. The adjusting units can also be equipped with two slide carriages, which can be configured to travel in either the same or opposite directions. Another option is to use a connecting kit to configure two adjusting units into a two-axis system.

The two basic sizes of adjusting unit use mk 2015 (50 x 50) and mk 2011 (100 x 100) aluminium profiles as the profile beams. A high-quality coating is mechanically applied to the contact surfaces to ensure good gliding properties and a wear-resistant surface. The standard version of the adjusting units is equipped with ball-bearing-mounted trapezoidal threaded spindles with POM nuts, which are protected from dirt by a stainless steel cover. The nuts, the bearing and the gliding assembly are low maintenance. Custom modifications are available on request, e.g. rust-proof spindles, bronze trapezoidal nuts, ball screws or motorised drives.

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Features of mk Gliding Assemblies

  • Large contact surfaces for high static load capacity
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Good dry-running characteristics
  • Good damping
  • Compact design
  • Low-noise running


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