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mk Recirculating Ball Bearing Guides

Compact Linear Modules with Recirculating Ball Bearing Guide

Recirculating ball bearing guides feature high load capacity along with outstanding precision. They have a very compact design. The recirculating ball bearing units can bear loads along multiple axes and are extremely stiff thanks to the steel rails mounted on the guide profile.

A recirculating ball bearing unit consists of a track and a guide carriage with four rows of interior ball bearings, which are recirculated in closed channels with plastic recirculation mechanisms. The recirculating ball bearing unit’s roller carriage consists of hardened, ground steel and can be slid directly from the guard rail onto the track.

Our standard guide carriages are lightly pre-tensioned, making them suitable for most common applications. You may require higher pre-tension or no pre-tension, depending on your requirements. The guide carriages are custom-tailored to your specific conditions.

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Features of mk Recirculating Ball Bearing Guides

  • High load capacity and high stiffness
  • Four-row recirculating ball bearing guide bears loads in all directions (forces and torques)
  • Compact design
  • One track for a variety of roller carriage types
  • High precision with appropriate contact surfaces
  • Moderate to high accelerations (up to a=30m/s²) and speeds (up to v=5 m/s)
  • Lightly pre-tensioned (standard), available with play and high pre-tension


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