mk Laufrollenführungen

mk Track Roller Assemblies

Linear Modules Based on Track Roller Assemblies

Because of their rigid structure, track roller assemblies offer high accelerations and speeds over a long service life and allow for fast positioning with high repeatability.

They are excellently suited for both single-axis applications and use as multi-axis systems. Linear systems constructed from these modules can meet even the most demanding technical and financial requirements.

Track roller assemblies consist of a linear guide with a matching roller carriage. The guide is built from a standard mk profile to act as the profile beam and guide rods that are mounted to the beam with a clamping profile. The roller carriage consists of a support plate and guide rollers, which can be custom-configured to meet your specific requirements. The guide rollers have eccentric bearings to prevent play in the guide. The series and the dimensions chosen for the profile beam are key factors that determine the linear module design.

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Linear Module with Timing Belt (LZR)
Linear modules based on track roller assemblies are usually equipped with a high-powered drive connected via a timing belt. The components of the timing belt drive responsible for transferring the power, such as the deflection bearings and the connectors, are mounted on the profile beam at the head end. The motor can be connected directly via the shaft end or indirectly on request. LZRs are the preferred solutions for implementing handling systems with an X-Y-Z axis.

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Features of mk Track Roller Assemblies

  • Suitable for high accelerations (up to a=50 m/s²) and high travel speeds (up to v=10 m/s)
  • mk clamping profile ensures precise travel for maximum parallelism of the guide rods
  • Well suited for harsh environmental conditions (dust, chips, etc.)
  • Compensates for large alignment errors
  • Low rolling resistance
  • Light to moderate loads
  • Multi-axial, i.e. can be loaded in all directions (forces and torques)
  • Eccentrics allow you to adjust the pre-tension
  • Simple and economical guide design makes it the more cost-effective solutions for high lengths


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