Small conveyor GUF-P MINI

For a variety of applications involving transporting and separating small products with low volume and weight.

  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Easy to integrate

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Technical specifications

Type of goods Bulk product, loose piece goods, boxes
Type of ways Straight & incline up to 20°
Length Custom from 360 to 5000 mm
Width 75, 100 and 150 mm
Speed up to 60 m/min
Maximum load up to 25 kg
Drive versionsAA, AC, AD, AG, BA, BC
Tails01, 03, 19 with rollers ø 22, 32 mm
Conveyor frame profilesmk 2075, mk 2100, mk 2150

Features of the GUF-P Mini

  • Transport and separate small products with low volume and weight
  • Very low installation height for easy integration into complex systems
  • Belt recirculation integrated into the conveyor frame to permit placement directly on the machine bed
  • Very small deflector diameters keep gaps at product handover points narrow
  • Wide variety of drive units and belt designs to suit any application
  • Profile construction delivers torsion-resistant structure and good load-bearing properties
  • Flexible operation in reverse, accumulation and cyclic modes

Product Description

Small belt conveyors from the GUF-P Mini series are available in widths of 75, 100 and 150 mm and in lengths from 360 up to 5,000 mm. They are versatile can be used in reverse, accumulation and cyclic modes. Thanks to its minimal install height, the GUF-P Mini is ideal for use in complex systems where space is at a premium. Since the belt recirculation is integrated in the conveyor frame, the conveyor can be placed directly on the machine bed.

These small conveyor belts come equipped as standard with a low-cost head drive or lower belt drive to suit the particular speed and belt load requirements. Round drive and deflector rollers simplify belt adjustment and centring on the conveyor frame, and their small diameter prevents large gaps where the products are handed over. In addition, the drive rollers of the various drive versions can be rubberised to suit the application, so that motor torque can be optimally transmitted. With its large selection of belt materials and drive units, the GUF-P Mini can be deployed anywhere.

Side grooves allow installation of a support frame along its entire length for bypassing projecting edges in machine beds, uneven floors, and ledges. Since the support frame attachment points are on the side, it's even possible to stack multiple belts.

Drive Variants

Tail Variants



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