Transfer Systems for Plant Interlinking

Transfer Systems for Plant Interlinking

Modular Transport Systems for Fully Automatic Interlinking of Processes

In order for a machine to function as a whole, the individual production steps must be efficiently interlinked. mk transfer systems, which work perfectly with the system controller and modern testing technology, feed, discharge, buffer, separate and position workpieces and pallets.

With proven mk transfer systems, you are getting reliable and practical interlink solutions that will optimise your production and assembly process – all the way from the unmachined part to the verified finished part.

Whether as a parts buffer between individual processing steps or as feeder to automatically recognise and separate faulty parts, mk transfer systems can be seamlessly integrated into every production design.

We can plan, design and install custom and fully networked transfer systems, including the necessary controllers, using our standardised Versamove, SPU and TKU pallet systems as well as our modular Versaflex flat top chain conveyor system.  All mk transfer systems have a modular design and are thus flexible and scalable to customer requirements. In addition, they allow for quick scheduling and project planning and are easy to expand and reconfigure.

Benefits of mk Transfer Systems

  • Sophisticated and proven machine interlinks
  • Seamless transfer technology and system integration
  • Efficient transport solutions for virtually any application
  • Wide range of flexible and standardised system modules
  • Custom-development of modules according to customer requests

Preconfigured Transfer Systems

For many of the most common applications, we also offer a selection of fully configured systems in various sizes and formats, including the price.

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Service to Your Satisfaction

mk guides you through the entire product life cycle upon request – from the consulting and conception phase, through design and realisation, all the way to on-site start-up and subsequent maintenance. A lead project manager remains informed of all project activities at all times to ensure smooth and effective communication.

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References and Application Examples

Ultraschnelle Produktion

As a partner in a R&D project for the AZL, mk provided valuable expertise in the automation of an ultra-fast production line for custom semi-finished products made of fibre-reinforced plastics.

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Transfersystem Hängebahn

Our partner Quickmove, a manufacturer of overhead conveyor systems, needs a transfer station from an overhead conveyor to a manual workstation and back for a customer in the automotive industry. In this case, the overhead conveyor transports small load carriers (SLC) with a size of 600x400 mm and a…

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Transfersystem Versamove plus

Two test lines are required in the quality control department of an automotive supplier. The products should be checked just-in-sequence, i.e. in a fixed order.

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