Flexible five-line belt conveyor with adjustable conveying lines

Problem definition
Sheets of various sizes need to be conveyed in a metalworking application. The conveyor technology needs to be easily adjustable for different sheet formats. It also needs to be mobile and flexible. The solution needs to support a total load of 100 kg, and only low speeds are required. It must be possible to position the conveyor as far into the preceding machine as possible.

mk Solution
Five-line belt conveyor made from GUF-P Mini belt conveyors. The inner conveyor lines are mounted on recirculating ball bearing guides, allowing them to be adjusted to any position. Clamping levers are used to lock the conveyor lines. The belt conveyors are equipped with a cut-resistant belt. They are driven by a single drive on the outer conveyor line. The other lines are coupled via connecting shafts. The conveyor frames are angled at the in-feed end to ensure small transfer differences at the interface. The entire frame is mounted on locking swivel casters, allowing the conveyor to be moved. The height can be adjusted by +- 50 mm.

Benefit to the customer

  • Easy format changes
  • Flexible
  • Design tailored to the customer’s requirements
  • Easy to maintain
  • Simple, proven technology



> Belt conveyor GUF-P Mini
> Aluminum profile series 40

  • Flexible five-line belt conveyor 02

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  • Flexible five-line belt conveyor 01
  • Flexible five-line belt conveyor 02
  • Flexible five-line belt conveyor 01