RBS-I INOX Gravity Roller Conveyor

Stainless steel gravity roller conveyor for transporting boxes, containers, pallets or crates in sterile working conditions.

  • Sterile
  • Versatile
  • Modular

Technical specifications

Type of goods Boxes, crates, pallets
Type of ways Straight lines
Length 500-10000 mm
Width 150 and 650 mm (depending on roller type)
Speed up to 30 m/min (gravity)
Maximum load up to 750 kg
Roll typesø 20, 40 and 50 mm, plastic or steel

Features of the RBS-I

  • Ideally suited for requirements in the pharmaceutical and food industries
  • For transporting boxes, containers, pallets or crates
  • Wide range of conveyor rollers for different size and weight classes
  • Available in plastic or stainless steel
  • Further protruding rollers for transporting extra-wide product
  • Recessed rollers (optional) for using the profile side plates as side rails
  • Range of rust-proof stainless steel belts available to suit various applications
  • FDA-compliant materials and components
  • Conveyor frame plate with or without custom pressed indentations for mounting accessories
  • Extensive range of accessories including stands, side rails, end stops, drip pans, discharge slides and electrical components for control and component monitoring
  • Individual consulting and custom design according to customer requirements
  • Tried and tested modularisation principles from the aluminium profile and conveyor technology fields
  • Customer references from the medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, solar and food industries

Product Description

The RBS-I INOX gravity roller conveyor has been specially developed for the unique requirements of the pharmaceutical and food industries and their sterile work environments. The systems is ideally suited for transporting, boxes, containers, pallets or crates. A wide selection of conveyor rollers and profile beams for different size and weight classes provides excellent adaptability for transporting different product. The protruding rollers allow you to transport extra-wide product. Alternatively, you can select the recessed rollers to use the profile side plates as side rails.



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