Linear Technology

Reliable and Precise Linear Motion

mk linear technology is the name given to our portfolio of gliding assemblies, track roller assemblies and recirculating ball bearing guides that provide highly precise and reliable linear motion and that are designed to meet your specific requirements.

Whether you need manual adjusting units or driven linear modules with a timing belt for handling applications, we’re happy to advise you on how the optimal linear guides can achieve both exact directional movement and low-friction transport. mk’s linear technology components are fully compatible with mk profile technology. Installing linear guides allows you to quickly and easily implement linear movements into your machine frames. This method reduces the materials required for the solution, since a separate support structure for the linear motion is not required.

Benefits of mk Linear Technology

  • Highly reliable operation thanks to high-quality materials and tested third-party parts
  • Compatible with mk profile series to save materials, costs and space:
  • Guides can be mounted directly to existing profile structures, e.g. a machine frame, without a separate support structure

Read the mk linear technology catalogue online

...or download the catalogue as a PDF here.