Tray palletizer with buffer system

Problem definition
Empty or loaded trays for turned steel parts are to be loaded or unloaded in a fully automated process. For the subsequent automation, the trays are to be buffered upstream and downstream of the palletizing station. Thus, after manual loading of the empty-tray buffer, the system should be able to work completely autonomously. Tray removal from the second buffer also occurs manually.

mk Solution
Palletizer, consisting of timing belt conveyor ZRF-P 2010 with pneumatic positioning unit for stopping and centering the trays. The associated, 6-axis robot can then fill the trays with precision or remove the turned parts from the trays. The attached buffer system, consisting of two dual-lane KTF-P 2040.09 chain conveyors as feed accumulator, and two chain conveyors as discharge accumulator. Via a vertical storage principle the trays are transported vertically and stored one above the other.

Benefits to the customer

  • Single source execution, from consulting to installation in the existing system
  • Higher-level system controller
  • Automated work process
  • Extremely space-saving through vertical accumulator design
  • Design in accordance with accident prevention regulations
  • Optimized for manual loading and unloading



> Timing belt conveyor ZRF-P 2010
> Timing belt conveyor ZRF-P 2040
> Guarding equipment
> Aluminum profile series 40